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Posts by Mary Fowler

Five Tips if Your Senior Has No Appetite

Senior Care in Cumberland ME

Your senior might have slowed down a lot with her eating habits, eventually to the point that she has no appetite at all. That’s something that isn’t sustainable, so you need to find a solution. Start with a Trip to the Doctor It’s always a good idea to talk to your elderly family member’s doctor…

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What to Do When Seniors Refuse Help

Many family caregivers run into the challenge of trying to assist an older adult who refuses to let them help. Sometimes they get defensive and insist they don’t need any help. That can be really worrisome when you know they cannot manage on their own and that their safety is at risk. If you’re facing…

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Is Dad’s Shoulder Pain Bursitis?

Elder Care in Falmouth ME

Many older adults feel some aches and pains in various parts of their bodies as they age. Though pain is common, it isn’t inevitable with aging. If your elderly parent is complaining of pain, they should see a doctor to find out what is causing it. One thing that may be causing joint pain is…

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3 Caregiver Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Caregivers in Cumberland ME

Caregivers do a million things every day. Some of them are simply routine while others are pretty difficult. In fact, the life of a caregiver is often filled with challenges. While not every caregiver encounters the same challenges, there are some common ones that it can be beneficial to know how to overcome. Below are…

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July is National Grilling Month – What’s on Your Menu?

Home Care Services in Falmouth ME

July and the entire middle of the summer is a perfect time to cook outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. National Grilling Month is a great way to take advantage of this activity with some old favorites on the grill or experimentation with new food items. Even those who are health conscious because of senior…

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Is Your Senior Moving in with You?

Elder Care in Yarmouth ME: Is Your Senior Moving in with You?

So often the first solution that springs to mind when your elderly family member needs more help is to move her into your home. But before you do that, you need to assess whether that’s truly the right answer based on what’s going on with her and in your own home. How Your Home Is…

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Fatigue Doesn’t Have to Be Part of Caregiving

If you’re constantly feeling exhausted as a caregiver, you might be feeling fatigue. That’s a type of exhaustion that has been growing for a long time and needs you to start doing something about it. Is There a Reason You’re More Tired? There are lots of reasons you could be more tired than usual right…

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Signs a Senior Has Lupus

Elderly Care in Falmouth ME: Signs a Senior Has Lupus

Around 1.5 million people in the United States have lupus. It is an autoimmune disease that can affect many parts of the body, including joints, skin, brain, and kidneys. It is a difficult disease to diagnose because the symptoms can be similar to those of other illnesses. Knowing more about the condition and its symptoms…

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