If you’re constantly feeling exhausted as a caregiver, you might be feeling fatigue. That’s a type of exhaustion that has been growing for a long time and needs you to start doing something about it.

Is There a Reason You’re More Tired?

There are lots of reasons you could be more tired than usual right now. If you’ve been doing more mentally during the day or been more physically active, that can wear you out. Perhaps you’ve had a difficult time getting to sleep or staying there once you do get to sleep. If your sleep has been interrupted frequently by something else, that might be a part of the problem. See if you can pinpoint at least one but possibly more of the causes of your exhaustion.

How Tired Are You?

It can help to get a feeling for how tired you are. You can use a 10-point scale or you can refer to it as being more tired than the day before or feeling more rested. As long as you have a way of quantifying how tired you are, that’s what matters at this point. Tracking how you’re feeling in terms of rest allows you to see whether the situation is improving on its own or if you might need to make some further changes.

Mental and Emotional Factors Contribute, Too

Stress and mental exhaustion can also be components to consider. If you’ve been dealing with a lot of complicated issues, that can wear you out mentally. But that exhaustion affects your body, too. Coping with stress is also exhausting. In fact, stress can sap your reserves very quickly and leave you feeling out of your depth in lots of ways, not just in terms of exhaustion.

You’re Only One Person, so Get Some Help

As much as you might want to do it all as a caregiver, you’re only one person. You need to develop a support system that allows you to lean on them and to take time away so you can rest and recharge. If you don’t have that, hiring senior care providers can be the right answer. Do what you can to resolve the issues that are keeping you from the rest that you need.

Fatigue is your body trying to communicate with you. Either it’s not getting enough of something that it needs, or there may be something else going on. Listen to your body and try to find the right solution for you.

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