So often the first solution that springs to mind when your elderly family member needs more help is to move her into your home. But before you do that, you need to assess whether that’s truly the right answer based on what’s going on with her and in your own home.

How Your Home Is Set Up

Functionality is a really big part of whether this is the right move for your senior and for you. in terms of functionality, you’re looking for any potential spots in which your elderly family member wouldn’t be able to use an aspect of the home. Door knobs that are difficult to turn can be a huge problem, for instance. Or counters that are too high might be difficult for a senior in a wheelchair. You may be able to correct some of these issues.

Safety Issues in the Home

Beyond functionality you get to safety concerns. Tripping hazards might be the biggest issue for your senior. You’re going to need to check for clutter and ensure that there are clear pathways wherever she’ll be going in the home. Use your senior’s current health and abilities as the starting point for determining whether you’ve got some bigger safety concerns to resolve.

Social Issues that Might Crop Up

Something else to consider is how this move is going to affect your senior socially. If where she’s living now allows her to interact with a variety of people and she enjoys that interaction, you need to assess whether moving to your home is going to help or to hurt. In some cases, elderly family members move into a family member’s home and find that they don’t have anyone to talk to for a good part of the day. This might be a huge issue for your senior and it’s definitely an issue in terms of mental health.

Reducing Hurt Feelings and Other Negative Emotions

Big changes like this can easily result in hurt feelings and other issues. Your senior might also grieve the loss of her own living space. These emotions can color the entire experience for her. You want her move to your home to be something that is positive, but you have to prepare for the emotional work you’ll both need to do.

It’s important that you anticipate potential problems before you actually move your senior into your space. That allows you to put solutions in place or at least to investigate those possible solutions. If you’re still running into trouble, hiring elder care providers can help you to identify those trouble areas.

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