Home Care in Falmouth, ME: Five Benefits To Help You Convince Your Senior to Exercise  It’s tough to get started exercising again, especially when your senior is experiencing other issues at the same time. But finally getting past those blocks can give her far greater benefits than she might suspect. 

Stronger Joints, Bones, and Muscles 

Exercise works muscles and joints, which helps them to grow stronger. It also helps bones to become stronger. This is crucial when your elderly family member is experiencing muscle loss and general weakness. As your elderly family member becomes stronger, she can do more with what she’s regained. 

Reduced Pain Levels 

When your senior is in pain, she’s less likely to want to move much. The problem with that is that she inadvertently creates more problems for herself by moving less. Those joints and muscles that are hurting don’t get used and then they become weaker. Exercise along with other pain reduction solutions can help with managing those pain levels so they’re not as debilitating. 

Greater Balance 

When your senior’s muscles are weakened and she’s in pain, she can have more trouble with balance. This gets dangerous because she’s more at risk of falling. Regular exercise helps your elderly family member to improve not only her muscle strength and her pain levels, but it can help her to regain what she’s lost in terms of balance. 

Better Moods 

Another happy side effect of exercise is that it can release chemicals called endorphins that help with mood and issues such as depression. Regular exercise can help your elderly family member to experience better moods overall and can help her to overcome anxiety issues. This might be something that can help her especially in winter when seasonal affective disorder can be a problem.  

More Independence 

When she’s losing muscle mass and experiencing balance issues, your senior may start to think that she can’t do much on her own. That can grow into a bigger worry of losing her independence. Having help from you and from home care providers and starting an exercise routine can be instrumental in allowing your elderly family member to feel more in control of her life. 

Always work with your aging adult’s doctor to ensure that she’s safe to start an exercise plan. It’s much better to start out very slowly with a light exercise plan and help her work her way up gradually than it is to wear your senior out with an exercise plan that is too intense for her. 

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